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Background Screening

A successful business is one that takes care of and meets the needs of its clientele. The necessity of having enough employees to get the job done creates significant pressure, and it means the criteria for hiring may be a matter of weighing the risk versus the reward. HCI gathers accurate background information and helps the client evaluate the risk and reward factors, leading to an intelligent and informed decision.

HCI's background screens are tailored to the needs of the client and, more specifically, to the type of job the applicant is seeking. Completing a custom screen allows our team to provide a more valuable service that will, in the long run, turn out to be highly cost effective. We evaluate the information and weigh the benefit of hiring against any risk the applicant presents. If hired, HCI will contact the applicant and arrange for drug testing, a starting date, and new-hire orientation. If the applicant is not hired, any adverse hiring concerns will be addressed directly with the individual.  It is a unique service and the value of it is perhaps best reflected in noting that our “average” client has been with us for 15 years.

The background screen focuses on safety, reliability, skill set, and capacity to work as part of a team. HCI reviews accident history and looks for a pattern of risky decision-making and poor judgement on the part of the applicant. Applicants who are risk prone and use a disproportionate amount of a supervisor’s time are identified. Even if the applicant is hired, knowing the risk issues may enable the employer to take actions to mitigate those risks. The resultant savings are significant.

Drug/Alcohol Screening

An employee impaired from drug and alcohol use costs the employer money!  Impaired workers are more likely to be late to work, make greater use of health benefits, and cause “go-backs” due to shoddy work. From a safety standpoint, the impaired employee is more likely to be injured -- and is 5 times more likely to file a claim for workers compensation benefits.* This drives up the employer's experience modification score which, in turn, increases the DART rate, OSHA recordables, the cost of insurance, and ultimately hurts the company’s ability to compete.

Drug and alcohol screening is too often treated as a “one-size-fits-all” exercise.  HCI provides expert consulting to develop a drug and alcohol policy and screening program specific to the needs of the client. We use only SAMHSA-certified laboratories, state-of-the-art testing mechanisms, and trained personnel for specimen collections. HCI has contracted directly with over 200 collection sites and facilities to offer a multitude of testing methodologies utilizing urine, breath, saliva, and hair specimens. As a consulting company, HCI receives and interprets test results, works closely with qualified Medical Review Officers, and recommends to the client a course of action -- which includes our direct interaction with the donor if final results are contrary to policy. When requested by the client, we implement return-to-work programs, which include evaluations by a certified Substance Abuse Professional to determine the conditions under which an employee can safely begin duty. HCI doesn't just provide drug and alcohol testing, we administer and oversee the entire substance misuse program.

* Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Injury/Disability/Workers’ Compensation Fact Sheet.

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