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Management Consulting

HCI routinely helps clients negotiate the minefield of regulations impacting the hiring, management, and firing of employees.  The team investigates and responds to EEOC complaints, ensures companies are compliant with the FCRA, HIPAA, ADA, and FLSA, and takes the mystery out of dealing with a host of other regulatory requirements known by their acronyms. HCI identifies and corrects deficiencies before they become costly and problematic.


Every company needs written policies, although it can be a mistake to try to cover everything with definitive, overly-precise procedures. HCI can help the client avoid the pitfalls associated with the implementation of too many written policies. We will provide only those policies that are necessary, making it a hassle-free endeavor that saves the client money.  

safety and injury management

HCI is not a safety consulting company nor are we safety experts. Our team does, however, work with safety managers to develop safety procedures and guidelines, including the rollout of safety orientation training programs to ensure compliance with OSHA/MSHA. HCI team members assist in the investigation of accidents by identifying what happened and why, what  lessons can be learned, and how to reduce the recurrence of an accident. Sometimes it is simple to identify the physical causes, but understanding the human elements involved can be instrumental in prevention.

When an injury accident does occur, HCI is at the forefront of managing the impact of the accident and ensuring proper medical treatment for the injured employee, if needed, which minimizes the impact on the company’s experience modification rate (EMR). If an incident is deemed to be a recordable accident, HCI works with insurance companies to minimize the resulting costs.

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