Hatcher Consultants, Inc., (HCI) is a consulting firm taking a multidisciplinary approach to resolving personnel-related problems, reducing accidents, and bolstering workforce productivity.  In the short term, HCI helps companies establish or repair management cohesion and reduce exposure to liability. The long-term result is the establishment of a culture of safety and improved morale. HCI collaborates with executive and human resources personnel to reduce significant costs related to workers compensation, high turnover, and instability.


The HCI team is comprised of individuals who bring together unique skill sets acquired from backgrounds in law enforcement and criminal justice, HR management, industrial sociology, and law. For over 24 years, we have been selling our combined expertise to businesses and the results speak for themselves through testimonials provided by our long-term clients.


Whatever it is, we'll figure it out.

2955 SW Wanamaker Dr

Topeka, KS  66614-5318

Tel: 785-271-5557

08:00 to 17:00 (M-F)

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