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is a consulting company helping employers hire and retain personnel who embrace the company's operational philosophies of quality, safety, and integrity. Our clients range from mental health treatment providers to auto parts suppliers, from municipalities and school districts to churches and individual proprietors. In particular, HCI specializes in serving the construction, transportation, and manufacturing industries.






HCI's clients believe that a company's employees are its most valuable resource. Workers who embrace a culture of safety, honesty, and professionalism represent the best virtues of their employer.


HCI is the tool employers use to find, hire, and retain those employees.


Team members expertly carry out these tasks by combining skill sets acquired from backgrounds in law enforcement, criminal justice, HR management, industrial sociology, and law.

Clients consistently see reduced turnover, greater efficiency in task completion, fewer accidents, and improved employee morale.

The result: increased profitability.


"A business is driven on the understanding of and passion for delivering service to one’s customers.  The difference between being successful or not is very often controlled by your hardest to manage asset.  Finding and managing personnel that exhibit the character of your company takes an intuitive understanding of the human element.  David Hatcher and his team of dedicated professionals are not an employment agency.  HCI is a trusted partner that spends the time to understand you, your company, and more importantly makes a commitment to protect your reputation.  The HCI team brings value to your business practices that is unmatched in this area of the country."

- Dave Gary, President

Wolf Construction, Inc.

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